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What If These 9 books Were The Only Shortcut To Better Shape You Ever Needed?

Health and dieting are complex: A lot of factors decide if you’re condition is improving… Or getting worse. I have a list of quality books for you that will help you get the life you deserve.

These 9 books changed my life forever.

Thanks to the knowledge in them, I could go from life-crippling heartburn and being overweight for 14 years…

To losing 22 lbs and being healthier, happier and thinner than I was in my 20s.

And I want to share these books with you.

Here’s a small “taste” of what you can expect from these 9 books:

✅ The true, shocking fundamentals of an actually healthy, pain-free life and how to lose weight at the same time (you can get this book’s digital version free, 100% legal!)

✅ A nutritionist showing you the ins and outs of inflammation: A dangerous condition that opens the floodgates for all kinds of diseases you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy

✅ Wash out heavy metals, toxins and more from your body and feel reborn! This book shows you how easy and life-changing it is to do a solid cleanse right (get a cleanse wrong and you’re doing yourself more harm than good!)

✅ Did you know you can “read” your face to know on the spot if and what ailments might be lurking in your body? This book shows you how to improve many health issues

✅ My secret weapon for losing 22 lbs: Lose weight and enjoy life by “cheating” and sipping on tasty drinks that are quick and easy to make, natural, low-calorie, and 100% vegan

✅ A little surprise “bonus” for you

✅ And a whole lot more…

By the way: Losing weight and living healthy doesn’t mean that you have to eat and drink bland, disgusting stuff all the time.

On the contrary.

I only share with you the stuff I actually use myself.

I’m one of the few people in this industry who eats their own cooking, so to speak.

And my life is way more fun than it used to be.

Back then, in my “vital twenties”, my fat and chronic heartburn made my life a miserable hell.

Today? I’m 30, happier and healthier than I was in my twenties and teenage years even, bursting with drive and energy.

I’d like the same for you.

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✅ HONEST health advice that’s not commission-driven, but only serves the purpose of giving you a better, healthier, longer life.

✅ Healthy and delicious food recipes and drinks

✅ Learning the most crucial things about proper nutrition (knowing this can make all the difference between getting healthy or being your doctor’s favorite, ever-returning, sickly patient)

✅Advice on improving the mental and emotional health aspect as well (Body and mind always depend on each other, something too many people ignore, especially in the West

✅ Learning what you can do against stress

✅ And so much more…

Since I absolutely detest “feel good advice” (aka lying to people), you won’t get that with me.

Because I want you to have results.

I want you to lose weight.

I want you to improve your health and live longer.

And the best way to get there long term is honest advice combined with you putting in some work.

If you or someone you know suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, feel free to check out my in-depth guide on acid reflux and heartburn.

Food Matters Certified Nutrition Coach