Tasty ‘n’ Lazy Seaweed Smoothies: Weight Loss Cure

Lose weight by drinking these delicious, seaweed “cheat” smoothies.

This book shows you the kind of tasty drinks I used to lose 22 lbs in 3 months…

While enjoying life.

But there’s so much more for you to discover.

I like to call these Seaweed Smoothies “cheat smoothies” because they let you:

  • Decrease your calorie intake (by using low-calorie plants and making you full)
  • Increase your nutrient intake (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals)
  • Drink something that’s tasty and healthy at the same time

In short: Drinking these Tasty ‘n’ Lazy Smoothies feels like “cheat day” in your diet… 

Except you’re doing your body something good while losing weight.

Warning: Your family, friends and neighbors will want some too.