5 Reasons you should eat dates

Dates are some of the most underestimated fruits. While there’s all kinds of dates, from deglet-nour to medjool and Halawi, they all have a lot of good things in common. They were a central cornerstone of my first successful weight loss attempt in fourteen years without starving myself (I lost 22 lbs in three months, among others by snacking dates). Following are 5 reasons you should include dates in your daily regimen.

1. They help you lose weight

Dates are excellent for curbing your appetite and therefore help you lose weight. The fiber in the dates helps you feel full and feeds the good bacteria in your gut, the probiotics. This contributes to a healthy gut environment and helps you speed your “business” on the toilet along.

2. They’re perfect for healthy snacking

While dates do have some calories, especially if you eat many at once, they can save you so many calories if they become your natural, “go-to” snack. They beat all the chemical-infused, industrial snacks out there any day.

Dates are perfect for snacking, as they allow you to curb your hunger efficiently, without adding too many calories. Even if they’re healthier snacks than your average chocolate bar, be careful not to overdo it. Depending on the kind of date you’re snacking, they do have 30 calories each or more. In my opinion: If you’re capable of trading 80% or more of your snacks for dates, you will lose weight a lot faster and even be healthier for it.

3. They’re a natural product

Thanks to the fiber, your body processes the sugar in dates better than industrial sugar: There’s no “sugar spikes” and they’re chemical-free if you buy organic. They contain the B-vitamins complex and vitamin C, as well as some crucial minerals (so-called micronutrients). For your macronutrient intake, they also contain some protein. The best part is knowing that you’re consuming no toxic chemicals when you’re eating dates.

4. You can put them in all kinds of recipes

You can “spice up” and even create many healthy desserts with dates! You can put them in your cereals, your porridge, yogurt, brownies and even smoothies (I show you some delicious recipes with dates in my book “Tasty ‘n’ Lazy Seaweed Smoothies”). For example: Apple pulp + dates = Awesome, light breakfast. Or snack in between. The choice is yours.

5. They taste great

No matter what kinds of sweets, bakery or even some food recipes that you put dates in, they always add a delicious, sweet and natural flavor. They also have a tiny hint of caramell. For the taste, the consistency of the dates is key. The soft, tender dates are much more delicious than the harder ones.

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While many people like to disregard dates because of their calories, they also offer many important benefits. If you eat them in reasonable amounts, they can help curb snack cravings and even help you lose weight. Dates make for one of the healthiest, and at the same time filling snacks. You can use them in all kinds of recipes and they taste great. Keep trying different kinds of dates until you find the ones that you want to enjoy over and over again: Healthy snacking!