Yes, you’ve come home.

That is, if you’re interested in eating and living healthier, tastier and better.

The “Yin&Yang Method” focuses not just on the body that needs to stay healthy, but also the mind: something that I see ignored all the time. If one of the two suffers, the other will suffer as well. “Yin and Yang” has its roots in the philosophy of Daoism and represents that everything in the universe has two polar sides to it: Day and night, hot and cold, light and darkness, summer and winter…

My name’s Tomislav Winkler… and if that’s a mouthful for you, call me Tommy.

I’m a nutrition enthusiast and certified nutrition coach. When I’m not obsessing about nutrition, you’ll find me doing Qi Gong, meditating, writing fiction, crafting new recipes, exercising, playing video games or writing emails to my Heal Your LIfe Newsletter readers (about nutrition of course).

I’ve suffered from heavy acid reflux, heartburn and an overly sensitive stomach for more than 8 years. That means feeling a volcano erupt in my stomach, waking up with a sore throat due to all the acid rising and a heavily restricted choice of foods and drinks.

I knew that my nutrition wasn’t exactly the best.

I had a true weak spot for that sweet, sweet German chocolate and other sweets (That stuff’s way too addicting, I tell you!).

At the same time, I knew my diet wasn’t the worst in the world.

But that didn’t change anything about my burning problem.

(Maybe you know someone with similar problems? Or you’re even suffering from some of these issues yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. See my in-depth guide on heartburn and acid reflux.)

Back then, in my early 20s, I didn’t know “how to change your diet“.

It all seemed so overwhelming.

But that has changed.

Over the years, I researched and tried out so many things.

And I found a lot of valuable stuff.

Stuff that… just works.

No overhyped, overpriced, mash-it-all-together supplement formulas where no poor soul knows what exactly is inside (and how much of it).

No overhyped diet fads that may even put your health in danger (because some are too radical or one-sided for what your body actually needs).

It’s about natural solutions and principles that are able to improve your overall health.

When I started seeing results for myself, like drastically reducing my heartburn and acid reflux, and losing about 22 lbs (10 kgs) in three months…

I gave myself a mission.

That mission is to find out as much about nutrition as possible and using that knowledge to improve the lives of others.

I felt I needed to share this knowledge with people who also feel trapped in “the nutrition labyrinth“.

Because this feeling just SUCKS: Not knowing what to do, why nothing seems to work…

And you know something else that sucks?

People’s health conditions in our “western world”…

And I think it’s about time we take things into our own hands and do something about it.

That’s why I share my nutrition discoveries with you.

And I do that here, on this site, but primarily in my Tasty ‘n’ Lazy Newsletter.

That’s where you’ll get my recommendations for all the stuff that’s good for you and your family, no matter if it’s supplements, meditations, herbs, all kinds of foods and recipes…

So, no matter what you’re struggling with: I cordially invite you to check out all the health tips that are waiting to be discovered and used by you.

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While I don’t claim to have access to the absolute truth about health, I promise you to give you only the best substances and methods that I know of.

I’ve been duped, lied to and ripped off more times than I could possibly count.

And maybe it’s been the same for you.

I don’t want any of that for you and I take your trust seriously.

This site and my Heal Your Life Newsletter are for everyone who’s sick and tired of wannabe “one-stop shop“ and “miracle, holy grail“ type solutions.

They let people end up disappointed, wondering if they did anything wrong, if they can even be healthy in the first place…

Worst case, they give up on living a healthier life and living longer completely.

“Bah, it’s no use anyway. Might as well fully embrace the unhealthy but tasty stuff.”

That’s sad. And I don’t want that happening to you.

Health is like a puzzle: You complete it piece by piece. Step by step.

And in my Heal Your Life Newsletter, I hand you as many “puzzle pieces” as I possibly can,without overwhelming you.

Simple and effective, that’s my motto.

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Food Matters Certified Nutrition Coach